DON BROCO have released their latest single “Uber.” The new track comes from the band’s upcoming album, Amazing Things, due Oct. 22 via SharpTone Records.

“Uber” is an outgrowth of the band’s first major journey to the United States. The Bedford, England act made a big trip to the country, headlining their first U.S. tour in fall 2019.

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While DON BROCO built meaningful connections with American fans, their trip also had its moments of difficulty. They unfortunately also witnessed examples of the widespread forms of racism that exist across the country.

After hearing Uber drivers use racist language, the band felt compelled to speak out.

“This was the first song we started writing for the album a few years ago touring the States,” the band say. “Within the space of a week, three separate Uber drivers were openly racist in front of us, I guess assuming as white guys we’d share their views. ‘Uber’ is about being angry about that, being angry that racists seem to be growing in confidence to speak their hate in public. It’s a reminder to me to call out that discrimination whenever I see it.”

“Uber” is representative of a number of tracks on DON BROCO’s upcoming album. Many of the songs convey the band’s thoughtful outlook on the world, balancing provocative insights with strong musicianship.

In an interview with Alternative Press, lead singer Rob Damiani explained that he aims to provide social commentary instead of explicit political instructions to fans.

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Their lyrics “very much are social commentary rather than a ‘This is right, and this is the way the world should be,’” Damiani says. “I don’t think anyone can say that. It’s very much just observations that I’ve made and how certain things make me feel. If people relate to that, or even if they don’t and they see things in a different way, then that’s great. I hope it gets people thinking and looking at things from a different perspective.”

This vision is reflected in songs such as “Gumshield” and “Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan.” Both tracks comment on social media, especially the pervasive toxicity that online discussion can often allow.

Despite the acute social consciousness the band showcase, they didn't set out to write a political record. In our interview, Damiani revealed the band’s initial goal for the album.

“We initially just wanted to make something heavy,” he says. “I think that was the only parameter we set ourselves. We loved how on the last record, we brought that heaviness from our live show into the record, which then again made the live show even heavier.”

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The balance the group find is reflected in singles such as “Manchester Super Reds,” which matches its critical perspective with humor and heavy music. But even on tracks with less explicit social content, such as their August singleOne True Prince,” the group showcase their ability to make music that is as thoughtful as it is hard-hitting.

“Uber” can be listened to below. Let us know your thoughts on the new track.