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Got a big date coming up? Need tips on what to do and say with your crush? Lucky for you, the guys of Grayscale offered us their best advice on dating. And, as you can see from “Valentine’s Day Sucks” (a Grayscale original motion picture), they clearly know what they're doing. Watch how quickly things escalate, and then head below for the do’s and don’ts of dating, according to our friends in Grayscale. 

Nick Ventimiglia

nick ventimiglia grayscale 2018

Dating Do: Take her/him to an Italian restaurant. Works every time.

Dating Don't: Hang out of the passenger's side of your best friend's ride trying to holla at them.

Andrew Kyne

Andrew kyne grayscale 2018

Dating Do: Pay for the meal.

Dating Don't: Eat a block a cheese to calm your nerves. ANY AMOUNT OF CHEESE IS TOO MUCH CHEESE.

Collin Walsh

Collin Walsh grayscale 2018

Dating Do: Always hold the door.

Dating Don't: Crap your pants.

Nick Veno

nick veno grayscale 2018

Dating Do: Be yourself when getting to know someone on a date. People appreciate genuineness.

Dating Don't: Try to bring Collin on the date with you... He might crap his pants.

Dallas Molster

dallas molster grayscale 2018

Dating Do: Make sure she/he likes Miller High Life or it probably won't work out. [ed note: But only if you're 21 or older]

Dating Don't: Obsess or think too hard about it. You're getting to know that person just like anyone else. Keep it cool.