As if we could let you go an entire Halloween without peppering some Misfits into your day. We recruited legendary ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, who just released  Abominator with his new band Doyle, to give us his top ten songs for our favorite spooky holiday!

1. Doyle - “Cemeterysexxx”

I chose ‘Cemeterysexxx’ off Abominator because it's about cemeteries and sex! The perfect way to celebrate Halloween is to fuck in a graveyard.

2. Black Sabbath - “Hand of Doom”

“Hand of Doom” is really dark and heavy.

3. White Zombie - “I’m Your Boogie Man”

4. Type O Negative - “Black No. 1”

This song is on Type O’s Bloody Kisses album. It makes me think of freaky chicks getting dressed up for Halloween.

5. Type O Negative - “Everyone I Love Is Dead”

6. Danzig - “Do You Wear The Mark”

This is a pretty evil tune.

7. Doyle - “Headhunter”

“Headhunter” is another great song from Abominator. It's kinda like watching a psycho horror movie.

8. Slipknot - “Psychosocial”

Slipknot just screams Halloween.

9. Rob Zombie - “Living Dead Girl”

Have you been to a Rob Zombie show? With zombies, living dead girls and circus freaks, it's Halloween every night.

10. Samhain - “Mother of Mercy”

Doyle and Danzig are set to play a special Halloween show tonight at the Warfield in San Francisco.