Washington, D.C.-bred musician/artist Jimi Lucid is teaming up with Dr. Martens for its latest documentary. Now taking New York City by storm, Lucid opens up on his love of the city that lets him truly be himself.

Check out the mini doc directed by Vincent Martell of VAM Studio and a Q&A with Dr. Martens below.

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Can you share a time when you were at a crossroad—what path did you choose? Why? What were the results? 

One of the most defining choices in my life was my decision to leave school and move to NYC. I always dreamed of being in NYC and in a space that pushed me to evolve as a person and an artist. I was going to school in Atlanta and was unhappy. At the time, I had very little musical knowledge but had a very clear vision of the art and life I would create. I was dealing with a lot of depression and this choice to radically change my life’s path. At first, [it] seemed like a failure set me on this path of becoming the person I dreamed I could be.

What aspects of your music show your vulnerability–both as an artist and a human being? 

My newest project Doom Generation explores what it means to be vulnerable, open and loved in a time [where] the world can seem very dark. Young people today demand change in the face of doom, and I’m inspired to try to bring hope in my music. I think it’s extremely important to be vulnerable and emotionally raw in my music. I want to make a world for the listener to feel free from what may be bothering them. It’s OK to be depressed or lost. I want to show all sides of my humanity through my art.

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When was the moment where you felt that your success was starting to gain momentum? 

This year, I realized all my years of pain and hard work were finally coming to fruition. I [will] never stop until my complete vision is put out in the world, but it can be hard living as an artist and going against the grain. I’m finally feeling the pieces coming together and realized I can be as weird as I want and trust in that because that’s my superpower.

Tell us about your connection to your fans? What resonates? Why do they connect to you and your music? 

I think my listeners feel like they can relate to my emotions and are attracted to my unique sonic blend genres. I feel very close to my listeners, and always respond to those that reach out and I always learn new things.

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What’s a moment in your life that has inspired a large portion of your writing? 

I had cancer as a child and spent many months restricted to a hospital bed. The only thing that kept me sane and positive was my ability to create art. I spent my free time—when I could walk—[going] to art therapy to paint, draw and sculpt my pain away. After a few years, I began using music as an outlet to heal my trauma. Years later, I worked as a teacher with other kids going through chemotherapy at the same art clinic. My near death experience made me realize the power of art to heal and empower.

Do you remember your first pair of Dr. Martens? Can you tell us about them?

I very clearly remember the first pair of Docs I bought. I used to dream of one day getting one of these vintage pairs of Docs with the Union Jack on them. One day, right after moving to NYC, I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of Union Jack Docs in the Search & Destroy on St. Marks Street and bought them on the spot. I basically wore them everyday for 3 years. I felt so connected to them because what they represented. To me, it was me reclaiming my black rock heritage.

Lucid’s latest single “Amplitude” is available here now.

Dr. Martens has several upcoming shows in the new year. You can see the dates below with more information here.


01/22 – OSHUN – New York, NY @ New York University
01/23 – DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – Los Angeles, CA @ Clifton’s
02/02 – PHONY PPL – Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room
02/13 – MOANING – Los Angeles, CA @ Moon Room