The Boulet Brothers may have begun the third season of their alternative drag queen show Dragula, but we already have our sights set on season 4. 

With the queens ready to give it their all this season, we’ve been thinking about who we would like to see on the next season of the show. There are so many queens killing it all over the globe. As a result, we definitely have a few favorites in mind for the next rounds of extermination.

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We’ve narrowed down 10 drag queens we’d love to see bring their spookiest looks to season 4. Check them out below.

1. Peroxide Femanon

Self-proclaimed as “Ugly By Day, Uglier By Night,” this NYC queen might actually be from another planet because she rolls out looks that are absolutely out of this world.. As someone who can pull off high-end garb before being slathered in fake blood, Peroxide would be a fierce competitor due to their individuality and obvious dedication to the art of drag.

2. Sham Payne

Sham Payne knows that when a queen can combine glamor and gore expertly, they can create looks no one’s ever seen before. Her funky spirit and obvious skills would bring so much to season 4, and if cast, the other contestants should watch their backs.

3. Cheddar Gorgeous

Cheddar is an alien. That’s already confirmed, but with that aside, they seriously goes all out on their looks. Cheddar’s makeup is always on point, too. There’s usually some kind of glitter involved, and they have the star power to make it to the end of a competition like Dragula. Also, a bald head is a pretty iconic look to sport on the runway.

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4. Charity Kase

If Charity Kase gets cast for season 4, we might as well exterminate every other competitor and hand over the crown because we’ve never seen drag taken to this level. You can tell each look is carefully crafted to be unique and that they work hard to make sure everyone knows that they have entered a room. 

5. Macro Punk

This Spanish queen creates literal works of art with their looks, always remembering that more is more. Macro’s looks seem to get inspiration from all forms of art and chaos—fine art, clowns, religious imagery and everything in between. Macro would be a force hard to defeat next season if cast.

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6. Porcelain

This drag queen/tattoo artist needs to be on the show simply because they’re the total package. Porcelain isn’t afraid to throw on some killer makeup and an avant-garde costume and totally rock it, which is why she should be included on the upcoming season.

7. Severity Stone


Severity Stone knows that hair is a drag artist’s best accessory, so they go over the top with wigs and insane lashes that we wish we could rock every single day. They have a superstar quality that shows they’d play hard on the show, but would have the talent to back it up.

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8. Eggz Benedict

This queen might be a little more under the radar, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be an amazing competitor on Dragula. Eggz knows how to create a fully dusted character that could effortlessly steal the show and possesses a lot of potential to be a huge drag artist.

9. Phallic Cunt

This queen’s name is definitely NSFW. But when it comes to spooky drag looks, she’s a professional who we can’t help but gag over. We’d love to see this spooktacular artist bring their always-accessorized outfits and makeup skills to season 4.

10. Opulence Black

Opulence Black has a brand, and it’s to be as spooky as physically possible. As a part of the legendary Black Haüs and the daughter of Dragula’s season 2 finalist Victoria Elizabeth Black, Opulence has that it factor running in her blood. With the family’s signature colored contacts to serve a haunting fashion, we know Opulence would fit right in with the Boulet Brothers’ overall Monster vibe of drag, filth, horror and glamor. We’d love to see what she’d bring to the runway on the series. 

Dragula season 3 is airing now on Amazon Prime. Which queens would you like to see on Dragula season 4? Sound off in the comments below!