In a surprise reunion, Josh Peck excitedly got to reunite with his least favorite sister “Megan.” Of course, in an opportunity such as this one, the Drake & Josh's Miranda Cosgrove didn’t shy away from pulling another prank on Peck.

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After four long years apart, out favorite siblings have met again in a video shared to Twitter Thursday afternoon. The two originally starred on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh.

In the video, Peck is surprised when YouTuber David Dobrik gave him a present. However, Dobrik announced, “It isn’t from me, it’s from your sister.”

Peck immediately got the reference and started to panic in the purest possible way.

“This is unbelievable,” Peck says. “This is like, both of my worlds colliding.”

Cosgrove responded in the only appropriate way, “You look good, Boob.”

However, the fun didn’t stop there. Upon opening an additional gift, Peck’s face was met with a pan full of whipped cream. Clearly, Cosgrove wasn’t finished playing a prank on her gullible Drake & Josh brother. You can watch the reunion unfold below.
While the video itself melts our hearts of stone, what might even be more fun are fans’ reactions.

Drake Bell
Additionally, Dobrik shared some "family photos" of the group with the caption, "It’s nice to see them get along for once."

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