What goes better with black metal than black coffee?

Now, you can uniquely combine both activities. That's right — listen to your metal and drink it, too! An ad agency has made functional records pressed from coffee. And the black metal on the discs apparently matches the robust darkness of the brew.

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That's right, ad agency McCann Prague dreamed up the coffee-based LPs with food innovator Patrick Galencser, as reported by Adweek. The records reportedly become a drinkable "high-octane cold brew" when crushed up and mixed with water.

It's all part of the new "Blacker Than Black" campaign for Peter's Cold Brew, the cofee company presenting the "first ever vinyl record pressed from coffee." (Although, you know, it's not really a "vinyl" record if it's made from coffee, now, is it?)

The cold-brewed long player itself contains four black metal songs: "Ballad For a Dying Unicorn," "Swiped Right For Dad," "Cannibals Dinner Party" and "Dead Kitten Death Metal." Watch a video preview of the uncanny coffee record in action below.

And the the triple-strength brew used for the discs is dubbed "Liquid Cocaine" by Peter's Cold Brew, so we have a feeling the java packs a mighty punch. Would you drink a black metal record made of coffee? Sound off in the comments below.

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