Siblings Richard and Stefanie Reines changed the course of popular aggressive music when they started their own label called Drive-Thru Records in the late ’90s. Although it started as a small family affair, Drive-Thru Records became synonymous with early 2000s pop punk, emo and post-hardcore.

Bands such as New Found Glory, Finch and Hellogoodbye owe their careers to DTR. And the “Defend Pop Punk” musical movement of the 2010s wouldn’t have existed without this monumental label. Answer the 20 questions below and see how much you truly know about Drive-Thru Records!

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More on Drive-Thru Records

Over the course of the label’s renowned 12-year active run, Drive-Thru Records had over 80 releases and sold over seven million CDs. That sales number is pretty unfathomable during today’s music industry climate, wherein even the No. 1 record every week sells a much smaller amount than years prior. And the number keeps getting lower and lower every day, making Drive-Thru Records’ sales figures from earlier this century that much more impressive. 

In addition, New Found Glory had three gold full-lengths, and Hellogoodbye had one platinum single for the label during DTR’s run. Several other records for the label sold in the hundreds of thousands. Today, bands such as Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory and Senses Fail are still full-time successful touring acts who regularly put out new music. Also, non-full-time groups such as the Starting Line, the Movielife and Hellogoodbye release new material on their own schedules and still play shows every now and again for enthusiastic (and nostalgic) crowds who may not have had a chance to see the bands during their respective heydays.  

Although Drive-Thru Records hasn’t put out any new music since 2008, label founders Richard and Stefanie Reines proved that they’re industry lifers and have been quite busy as artist managers. The siblings rep the Wrecks, ufo ufo and several other diverse acts under their company War Road Management, which also has a music publishing division. When do the Reines siblings sleep? 

Although your plates may be more than full, maybe it’s time for a redux of the label, Richard and Stefanie? We know that at least seven million people are not so patiently waiting for more DTR records.