Oli SykesDrop Dead Clothing has released its latest winter collection, “Rival Schools.”

The collection by the Bring Me The Horizon frontman premiered Nov. 25 and revolves around the theme of four rival gangs fighting for control within a dystopian world as they participate in a deadly underground competition.

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With the new collection, Drop Dead fans will have the option to “side” with one of the four factions. Every one is meant to represent a style that best reflects their personality.

“Rival Schools” is split into four mini-collections. Each one symbolizes the four factions and includes 37 unique unisex products.

In a press release, Sykes and Head of Direction Jacob Harry Carter revealed how fighting video games influenced their collection.

“We were really inspired by old fighting games, where every character has a unique style and weapon that fits their story and aesthetic.

“Like in The Warriors where the crews all dress the same and stick together, we wanted to create a world in which Drop Dead’s fans could pick a crew that they identify with and also present contrasting styles that they may not be so familiar with, but want to try out. Some days, you want to wear something smart.

“Other days, you just want to be cosy, and within the context of the Rival Schools, we were able to do that.”

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The first part of the collection is available to purchase here, with the second part dropping Dec. 25.

Sykes, along with Bring Me The Horizon, recently appeared on the cover of Alt Press’ 2021 Yearbook issue, available to purchase here.