DropLabs is truly taking the music listening experience to the next level with its new sneakers.

After a soft launch in late 2019, DropLabs has released its EP 01 sneakers. The shoes connect to Bluetooth devices and vibrate along to music that's playing.

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While Elon Musk continues to develop music streaming brain chips, DropLabs offers a different way to experience music. With the new EP 01 sneakers, music lovers can finally feel the music they are listening to.

The EP 01 sneakers work with its embedded patented technology in the midsole. The technology takes the audio from any connected device and converts it into stereo. Then, the sound is delivered through the footwear via Bluetooth in the form of bass vibration.

"The embedded software platform allows us to continue to refine the experience," DropLabs CEO Susan Paley says. "And provide more unique customization at the individual level. "We've developed a proprietary technology that we have integrated into the midsole of the sneaker that converts audio signals into vibrations. When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronized with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment."

According to DropLabs, customers have been drawn to the shoes because it helps re-create the live music experience. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, these shoes offer many of the same feelings we experience at live shows.

DropLabs EP 01-min

[Photo via DropLabs][/caption]

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Customers are able to use DropLabs' app to apply filters that tailor to particular music genres. For example, the "velvet" filter amplifies low bass notes while "bright" focuses on low-mids and symphonic sounds, perfect for classical and jazz lovers out there.

DropLabs' EP 01 sneakers retail for $299 and are available to purchase here. Along with its sleek black design, the shoes come with various other capabilities.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones using – Class 1 Bluetooth 4.2
  • Compatible with iPhone (iOS 11 and later) and Android phones (Android 6 and later)
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Optional Low-Latency cable for gaming and music recording applications
  • Safe-detach Magnetic Charge Connectors
  • Water Resistant
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

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