Back in August, Dunkin' unveiled the advertisements for its new fall menu. Soon after, however, blink-182 fans began to notice that one ad includes an apparent "All The Small Things" pun.

Now, Dunkin' has revealed that the blink-182 pun wasn't intentional.

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includes a blink-182 punEnema of the StateAll The Small Things

Photos of the advertisement quickly spread online and eventually caught the attention of blink-182 who acknowledged the Dunkin' ad on Instagram.

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Now, Dunkin' has confirmed exclusively with Alternative Press that the blink-182 pun wasn't intentional. Drayton Martin, Dunkin’s vice president of brand stewardship, shares that the advertisement was not inspired by "All The Small Things." However, the company is "honored" to receive such positive feedback from both blink-182 and fans.

"Nothing creates excitement like the return of pumpkin, and people are always thrilled when this beloved flavor is back at Dunkin’," Martin says. "To celebrate and tempt those cravings, we sought to showcase the breadth of fall deliciousness we are offering on the menu. While 'All The Fall Things' store signage wasn’t inspired by blink-182’s popular song 'All the Small Things,' we are honored with the positive response from the band and their fans and encourage them to enjoy a Signature Pumpkin Spice latte when they can!"

Dunkin’s seasonal menu launched on Aug. 19 and includes tasty snacks such as apple cider donuts, pumpkin munchkins and the maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich. As well, Dunkin’ has launched its first-ever Pumpkin Spice Latte. The seasonal beverage made its debut before rival Starbucks launched its own at the end of August.

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The excitement around the supposed blink-182 pun didn't just stop with photos and tweets. One TikTok user took things to the next level and shared an "All The Fall Things" parody.

For the parody cover, TikTok user @melton.alexander changed the song’s lyrics to “all the fall things, pumpkin coffee,” referencing both the advertisement as well as the popular seasonal drink.

@melton.alexander##dunkindonuts I see what you did ##blink182 ##allthefallthings ##poppunk ##icedcoffeecheck ##dunkin ##pumpkin ##pumpkinspicelatte ##coversongs♬ original sound - Alex

How do you feel about Dunkin's ad not actually being a blink-182 pun? Let us know in the comments below.