Dustin Kensrue (frontman of the currently defunct post-hardcore outfit Thrice) has announced that he will be releasing his sophomore solo album in spring, via Staple Records/Vagrant Records. The record will follow up his 2007 solo debut, Please Come Home

Kensrue commented on the record with this:

Recording right now is for me the end of a long distilling process. I always have bits and pieces of songs that are bouncing around in my head. I usually record them and listen back later, and most of the time I can’t remember why I even bothered to record them in the first place. But then there are the tunes that stick – the ones I find running over and over through my head, demanding to be finished. Begging for a home. The most persistent of these tunes from the past 8 years are what I’m busy recording right now, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

Kensrue was most recently in the spotlight for his resignation from Christian megachurch, Mars Hill.