Dylan Hryciuk has launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of his short film, Our Last Day As Kids. Hryciuk is the director of numerous Spiritbox videos, including "Constance," "Hurt You" and "Blessed Be."

Hryciuk also directed Senses Fail's "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" video.

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Our Last Day As Kids is a coming-of-age story that takes place in the Myspace era. The protagonist is Casey, an awkward teen who follows his older brothers' band with his lo-fi camcorder, hoping to be a part of the art they're making. Eventually, Casey's connection with his brothers and their band fray, and he finds comfort in his relationship with a girl and the punk scene.

The film is inspired by Hryciuk's experiences documenting the local scene and his brothers' metalcore band, Palms To The Sky, between 2006-2013. Our Last Day As Kids celebrates his youth, brothers and the people who made the local scene special to him.

Check here to support or get more information about Our Last Day As Kids.