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Dylan and Cole Sprouse have had some pretty epic roles over the years—we will never not love Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. And it looks like they were (kind of) almost in another favorite: School Of Rock.

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In a new interview with MTV, Dylan Sprouse talks a little bit more about the, well, failed audition.

"I must have been having a bad day because the audition just said ‘Please prepare a song,’” Dylan told MTV. “We walked in, I actually walked in first, before Cole, and they said, ‘Hi, what did you prepare today? Can you sing?’ and I looked at them and I was like ‘no.’ And they were like, 'What do you mean no?'"

So then they asked if he would sing "Happy Birthday" and well, he also said "no" to that.

Cole Sprouse did do a little better though... he rapped. Which at least brightened Dylan's day.

Why did their mom suggest a music interview for her non-musical children? Not sure.

But let's be real: We would've loved the Sprouse twins in School Of Rock.

Watch Dylan's interview in full below: