[Photo by: BoulderLight Pictures]

Cole Sprouse is all about the drama on Riverdale, and it looks like his brother Dylan Sprouse is hopping on the thriller train, too. Gone are the innocent Suite Life days, with Dylan playing an over-achiever to the extreme in his new movie, Dismissed.

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Dylan plays a new kid at school, an utter perfectionist with his sights set on Harvard. He turns in an actual dissertation over a traditional essay (which we've never done...), and when his new teacher gives him a B+, things get way out of hand.

He starts to ruin his teacher’s life after that, and we’re just wondering where that innocent Suite Life kid ended up.

“I always find a book that much more compelling when the character stands to lose everything,” he eerily says at the trailer's close. And while it gives us goosebumps, we’re hooked.

Watch the thrilling trailer below:

According to MTV, Dismissed premiered at a film festival earlier this month, but it’s set to be released on digital platforms Nov. 21.

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