Blending alt-rock instrumentation with electronic music and its many subgenres, rock/EDM collaborations and crossovers have been on the rise lately.

Many big-name artists are teaming up together to create a unique sonic hybrid. Here are 10 crossovers and cross-genre collabs you can’t miss.

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1. Bring Me The Horizon – “nihilist blues” (feat. Grimes)

After taking an alt-rock route in That’s The Spirit, Bring Me The Horizon switched it up once again with an eclectic twist of EDM and dark pop in amo. Featuring Grimes on vocals, “nihilist blues” takes the essence of neon-bright Euro trance. It also incorporates live instrumentals to complete their evolved sound.

2. Steve Aoki – “Why Are We So Broken” (feat. blink-182)

The pop-punk veterans have kept themselves busy with plenty of collabs across the music spectrum. blink-182 has written music with the Chainsmokers, Mark Hoppus co-created Simple Creatures and Travis Barker is working with pop artists, rappers and more. This Steve Aoki collab features vocal harmonies by Hoppus and Matt Skiba as well as Barker laying down mean drum chops to spice up the groove.

3. Crankdat – “Do You Mind” (feat. shYbeast)

Electronic music has always been a core influence for I See Stars, so naturally frontman Devin Oliver furthered his passion for EDM with his recent solo project as shYbeast. Joining forces with Crankdat, Oliver debuts as shYbeast for the first time in “Do You Mind,” providing lead vocals and adding an extra fiber of catchiness per usual.

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4. Kayzo & blessthefall – “Before The Storm”

Kayzo makes sure that every bass drop erupts with a filthy breakdown. The artist has worked with Alex Gaskarth, YUNGBLUD, Devin Oliver, UnderoathOur Last Night, and Sum 41’s Frank Zummo, but he created a monster out of the heavy elements of EDM and metal in his recent collaboration with blessthefall. Kayzo takes full advantage of the band’s enormous energy while incorporating mind-bending drops and trap-influenced beats that give a futuristic glimmer to the song.

5. REZZ – “Falling” (feat. Underoath)

DJ/producer REZZ had the fortune to work with one of her favorite bands in her forthcoming EP, Beyond The Senses. “Falling” features Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie taking on vocal duties and renders the darker pop melodies from Erase Me with a flashy EDM backdrop, fully showcasing Gillespie’s vocal power.

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6. Marshmello – “Rescue Me” (feat. A Day To Remember)

A Day To Remember recently broke their three-year hiatus, teaming up with Marshmello for their highly anticipated collaboration, “Rescue Me.” With a simple mix of rock, pop and electronic, this crossover takes turns showing off Marshmello’s crystal-clean production and the band’s stylistic contribution to the song.

7. Knife Party & Tom Morello – “Battle Sirens”

When two experts of a genre come together, the results are bound to be epic. Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello lays the foundation of the track with a catchy guitar groove while Knife Party attack with massive bass drops and jittery synth jabs.

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8. Slander & Crankdat – “Kneel Before Me” (feat. Asking Alexandria)

We’ve seen Asking Alexandria fuse electronic elements with metal, and it’s nothing new for frontman Danny Worsnop to take part in an cross-genre EDM venture. With Worsnop providing vocals and harsh screams in the verses, this collab goes all in with the bass drops to create a dense, filthy dubstep tune.

9. PhaseOne – “Crash & Burn” (feat. Northlane)

Aussie natives PhaseOne and Northlane took the perfect opportunity to combine their strengths to the next level. Known for his metal-infused dubstep, PhaseOne seamlessly synergizes with Northlane’s heaviness in “Crash & Burn,” mutually feeding off their melodies, hooks and breakdowns.

10. Martin Garrix – “Summer Days” (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump)

Martin Garrix’s “Summer Days” takes the perfect stylistic balance of electropop, funk and rap. Patrick Stump’s soulful voice solidifies the contagious hook. Macklemore also paces the song and perfects his bars with his smooth flow, adding a rhythmic tint over the funky bassline.

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