EKKSTACY has shared a new video for his single “i walk this earth all by myself.”

The track, which opens up his EP NEGATIVE that dropped in November, is a fan favorite that has garnered more than 13 million streams on Spotify since its release.

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NEGATIVE was released via Steve Stoute’s UnitedMasters and combines elements of indie, lo-fi, garage rock, punk and more.

In an interview with Alternative Press, EKKSTACY spoke about his unique sound and vision.

“I don’t really listen to anything that sounds like what I do,” he says. “I’m not saying that because I think I’m original. I just don’t know of anything that sounds like me.”

It's a fair comment, given that he snakes through the history of alternative music, from the 1980s to now, in a way that is wholly on his own terms. That path matches his vision, which aims for the top.

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“I always wanted to do something that was cool, something that mattered, something big,” he continues. “I wanted to make music since I was a kid, but I was kind of worried I didn’t have anything to say. It took me a while to take the chance.”

You can check out the video of “i walk this earth all by myself” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.