ekkstacy shutting me out
[Photo by Jason Nocito]

EKKSTACY shares new singles "shutting me out" and "goo lagoon"

Rising Vancouver alternative artist EKKSTACY has shared two new singles, the garage-inspired “shutting me out” and “goo lagoon.” They follow last month’s “i can’t find anyone” and “bella,” and September’s “problems” featuring Trippie Redd, all off his upcoming self-titled album, due out Jan. 19 via United Masters. Hear both below.

“I remember recording ‘goo lagoon’ in my hotel room quite some time ago,” EKKSTACY says. “I never travel with my instruments, but for some reason, I happened to have my guitar in LA that day. This is my favorite song on the album. I started surfing recently, and this song is cool to listen to before I go to the beach. All my friends love this one.”

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EKKSTACY recorded his new album with regular collaborators Mangetsu and Apob during breaks from touring over the past two years, and it was mixed by Chris Coady, who also mixed his last album, last year’s misery. See the cover art and tracklist below.

Ekkstacy - self-titled album

1. i don’t have one of those
2. luv of my life
3. i guess we made it this far
4. alright (feat. *** *** *****)
5. goo lagoon
6. bella
7. shutting me out
8. problems (feat. Trippie Redd)
9. get me out
10. fuck
11. chicago
12. headless horseman lost his way
13. i can’t find anyone