[Photo by: New Line Cinema]

Buddy the elf is the world's sweetest character, right? Well, maybe not—at least, we have our doubts after watching this Elf horror trailer.

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Between the dark score and the eerily haunting dialogue when taken out of context ("Fun, so felonies are fun now?"), we can't help but see Buddy in a bit of a darker light in a "snow-splattered thriller."

Maybe the film is a little darker than we all originally thought... Watch the revamped trailer below to decide for yourself:

If you think about it, Buddy does just appear out of nowhere... And he does show up unexpectedly at Michael's school... And he does eat a lot of syrup...

Would you watch an Elf holiday horror remake? (We'd be down to give it a watch, tbh.) Let us know in the comments below!

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