Dark-pop singer-songwriter Elliot Lee has one directive: to make you feel good about being bad. That doesn't mean she likes you to wallow in misery. She wants you to confront your sadness and strive toward making your world better. And she pulls that off on the video for "Dirt," which is premiering today on AltPress.

“I went to write in L.A. briefly in the beginning of my career, and it went horribly for me," the Brooklyn, New York-based Lee says. "A lot of the people there were just focused on molding me into someone I’m not. They told me that I should stop worrying so much about my lyrics because 'No one really listens to lyrics anyway.' When I got back to NYC, I wrote 'Dirt' to purge the experience. In the video, I wanted to really portray the absurdity of their words while also expressing how much damage that sentiment can do.”

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Indeed, the sentiment of Lee's disdain coupled with her impressive vocal talent and lyrical flow are the kind of pop fix we could use right now. Whether she's chillin' in a casket or giving a middle finger to the concept of "social distancing," Lee has got some things to say. And in a climate where we panic when someone tells us not to touch our faces, Elliot Lee is feeding the worms. We can't help but think we're watching a new contender in the world's dark-pop kingdom.

Check out "Dirt" below. And don't touch your face...