A curious new twist emerges in the ongoing feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly: It appears that the beefing rappers' diss tracks share more than just a mutual disdain for each other, they also share a writer/producer.

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That's right, as noted by the NME, producer and artist Ronny J (Ronald Spence Jr.) is listed as a contributor on Em's Kamikaze missiles "The Ringer" and "Not Alike," as well as Machine Gun Kelly's recent retort, "Rap Devil."

The Source does indeed cite Ronald Spence Jr. as a "Rap Devil" co-writer, based on info pulled from Wikipedia. And a quick check of the producer's AllMusic entry seems to verify him as a "composer" on Eminem's Kamikaze album.

But with the nature of diss response tracks in the rap game, it's likely that the same beat or sample was simply interpolated by each artist on their respective tunes. The writer in question may just be the composer of that specific section.

The Em and MGK beef

When Em surprise-dropped his latest LP, the two aforementioned cuts contained jabs at MGK (seemingly spurred by an old tweet). But in short order, Kelly fired back with "Rap Devil," unleashing the riposte in Em's home state.

Of course, Eminem wasn't gonna stand for that, so he released reprisal "Killshot" after making it clear that he wanted to "destroy" MGK. One must wonder if Ronnie J knew what he was getting into with this endless rap feud.

Machine Gun Kelly then promised a new EP while bragging that Em's shot missed the mark, and here we are. Getting along in the rap game has never been an easy job, and the two artists sure don't seem interested in making amends.

Does the cross-collaboration between Eminem and MGK add up to a conspiracy? Probably not. But listeners and onlookers may find it interesting that the musicians' reciprocal potshots were at least partially helmed by the same producer.

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