It looks like another event can be added to 2020's long list of bizarre things to happen. Earlier on Tuesday, "RIP Eminem" starting trending on Twitter with not much of an explanation.

Now, it looks like one particular tweet may be the reason #RIPEminem is a top trending topic this week.

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The hip-hop and music communities were shaken after the hashtag #RIPEminem began trending on Twitter in the United States. At the time of this article being published, it still remains one of the top trends on the social media platform. However, an explanation for why it is trending is still rather unknown.

As far as we know, Eminem is alive and well. Neither the rapper nor a member of his team has released a statement regarding his health and whereabouts. Nevertheless, some theories about how #RIPEminem began trending are being explored.

This week, Twitter user @Levicumsock posted a tweet saying, "I have killed Eminem." The user's account has since gone private, but this tweet may have caused the avalanche of #RIPEminem tweets on Tuesday.

Eminem RIP Twitter-min

[Photo via @levicumsock/Twitter][/caption]It is not 100 percent confirmed that this tweet sparked the trending topic. However, according to various sources, this Twitter user posted numerous tweets with #RIPEminem before going private.

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How do you think the #RIPEminem trending topic started? Let us know in the comments below.