Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri and Attila frontman Chris Fronzak have finally ended their feud via Twitter. 

Fronzak, also known as Fronz, recently appeared on the first episode of the “Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip” podcast and discussed the beef.

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He talked about how he was a fan of Emmure and was close to previous lineups of the band. Then, he called out Palmeri.

“When you go on tour with people and you’re spending eight weeks with them, like, in the same room; there’s people that are genuinely good people that you get along with and have good conversations with and they’re just real fucking people,” he started. “And then there’s really, really shitty, weird, disrespectful fucked up people and that was Frankie.”

“He fucking sucks. He’s just not good, he’s just not a good human and I don’t care, I’m not afraid to say it. There’s nothing more to say beyond that, just some people are good and some people are bad,” he continued.

He did say that even though they’ve never got along, he’d go on tour with Emmure again because he can “separate music from personality.”

After the podcast, Palmeri tweeted at Fronz asking for a truce.
Fronz responded agreeing, and even suggested a tour.

This is definitely a lot to take in, but we would definitely not complain about another Emmure/Attila tour.

What do you think about the beef being over? sound off in the comments below.

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