As the saying goes, "You are what you eat." So, after years of digesting emo music, is it any surprise that we resemble our favorite bands in personality?

We can assume that anyone opening this page has had an emo phase in some capacity. But with an abundance of different bands and eras to shape us, no two experiences ever look exactly the same. So why not just categorize ourselves as our influences?

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Curious to see which emo band your personality best reflects? Take the quiz below!

More on the Used

The Used captured our little black hearts early in the 2000s emo wave with their debut self-titled album in 2002. The record has proven itself as one of the most iconic debuts of the decade, earning platinum status in 2019.

Such a milestone was hardly a surprise. Even after nearly two decades, the album continues to dominate the band's Spotify streams with hits such as "The Taste Of Ink" and "Buried Myself Alive." The former only got knocked from its top position this year with the release of Bert McCracken's collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD on "body bag."

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The band's 2004 sophomore record only fortified their standing as an anthemic emo powerhouse. With its intricate melodies and painful emotional honesty, In Love And Death quickly became an emblem of the era's progression and themes.

Eighteen years after their debut, the Used have released eight studio albums as well as a handful of EPs and live recordings. Their most recent record, Heartwork, debuted in 2020. Contributing artists included Jason Aalon ButlerMark HoppusTravis Barker and Caleb Shomo. The band used their music video for "The Lighthouse" as an opportunity to showcase and thank frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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