emo birthday cakes
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Here are 10 birthday cakes that are just as emo as you

Regardless of what age you are, you’re never too old to have cake on your birthday. While it’s nice to eat any treat on your special day, sometimes it’s fun to celebrate with a dessert that takes the decorations to a whole other level. 

Pinterest offers inspiration for things such as clothes, household decor and recipes, including cake. We found 10 cakes on the site that are dark, spooky and maybe even a little gory. You can see some of the most emo cakes we found below, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for what you want on your next birthday. 

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This elaborate cake any Black Veil Brides fan would freak over

black veil brides cake
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If someone gave us this Black Veil Brides cake on our birthday, we would probably scream. It shows off the person’s love of the band and also includes a lot of details that really make it unique. Plus, it looks pretty delicious.

A beautifully tragic cake full of blood and roses

human heart cake
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This cake brings the drama in a simple yet elegant way that would make it the star of any party. The blood drip detailing on the three layers is expertly done, and the rose petals really make it beautiful. We’d love to try a slice of this one.

An intricate black cake topped with a skull

black skull cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This cake is elegant and looks delicious. The design on it is beautiful, and the skull is a nice touch without distracting from the beauty of the baked good.

This coffin cake drizzled with blood



This is perfect for someone who’s totally dead inside. It looks like it would melt in your mouth when you took a bite, so you should definitely consider a treat like this for your next celebration. 

This dramatic textured cake that’s a work of art

black flower cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This one has a natural vibe but keeps it emo with dark colors and a textured-looking surface. The flowers and berry decorations keep it simple, and everyone would definitely be talking about the amazing dessert if you served this at your party. 

A creepy cake topped with skeletons crying blood

bloody skeleton cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This design is perfect for Halloween or year-round for someone whose favorite movies are those with a lot of blood and gore. While most of the other cakes on this list stray toward dark color schemes, the stark white in contrast with the blood makes it stand out, in a creepy way. 

A red velvet cake for the My Chemical Romance fan in your life

my chemical romance the black parade cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This cake is for that person who only sings “Welcome To The Black Parade” at karaoke nights and has a shrine to Gerard Way in their living room. Including the band’s logo and Black Parade character Pepe isn’t over the top, but it looks amazing and probably tastes even better. 

This black cake that is as spooky as it is glamorous 

black skull cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This cake is meant for someone who knows that just because something is dark and creepy doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, too. 

This one takes the unicorn cake trend to the dark side

black unicorn cake
[Photo via Pinterest

A popular Pinterest trend with cakes is making them look like unicorn heads and sticking a horn on top. This one totally replicates that but with dark colors, skulls and a little blood, which is definitely more our style. 

This cake that is just straight-up savage

nobody loves you cake
[Photo via Pinterest

This looks like it was bought at any regular grocery store, but what’s written on it is just dark on a different level. You might not be happy to receive this on your birthday, but it’ll probably make you laugh a little. 

What do you think of these emo cakes? Sound off in the comments below!