There are certain opinions that all former emo kids hold. Like how listening to sad, confessional songs is the best way to feel alive or... OK, maybe that's it.

Truth be told, there's no one commonality between every emo phase. Don't believe us? Just look at the small fraction of dislikes on Matt Cutshall's YouTube videos. Seriously, if the brilliance of three-minute transcendences into 2000s nostalgia can’t bring us all together, nothing ever will.

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Where do you stand in the realm of emo opinion? Do you agree with popular trends, or are you chock-full of hot takes? Take the quiz below to find out!

More on 2000s emo trends

Emo music has its early roots in the hardcore scene. However, its extensive influence on 2000s pop punk and post-hardcore significantly blurred the lines of the genre. By the end of the decade, emo was better defined by dark aesthetics and somber expression than specific stylistic elements. 

Still, a number of bands stick out as exemplars of the scene as it existed at the time. Spotify's Emo Forever playlist provides notable examples as varied as My Chemical RomanceParamore and Chiodos. While listeners have tried persistently to define the murky boundaries of the genre's progression, blink-182's Mark Hoppus put it best.

“Emo was built on one simple principle," he tweeted in October 2020. "It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”

Despite the variety introduced to the genre throughout the decade, its cultural mark was pretty distinct. Staples of emo style included band tees, tight pants and heavy eyeliner—often all in black. Popular accents included non-standard piercings, studded belts and rubber wristbands. The edgier the look, the better.

Though there were a variety of hairstyles associated with the aesthetic, they were generally choppily layered, flat-ironed and/or dyed. Because, really, what better way to appreciate your iTunes playlists than standing in front of a mirror all day?

How did you stack up in your preferred emo trends and opinions? Let us know in the comments below!