While pop divas and rock stars seem like they couldn’t be more different, sometimes we hear a lyric in a song on the radio that totally sounds like it could be from an emo banger.

Just speaking lyrically, it can be hard to differentiate whether some of our favorite lines come from the pop or emo realm.

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We’ve created a quiz to test your knowledge of emo and pop lyrics. See how well you can tell apart Miley Cyrus tracks from My Chemical Romance tunes below.

More on emo and pop

With My Chemical Romance making their return this year, fans have been revisiting their music but one dedicated fan gave the band a new poppier spin with Katy Perry.

YouTuber Grave Danger created a mashup of “Helena” and Perry’s “The One That Got Away” that surprisingly works pretty well.

The mashup also pairs up clips from the two music videos in hilarious fashion. Perry’s track is off her 2010 album Teenage Dream and although she is a little past her Warped Tour days by the time it came out, her look in the video is at least emo enough to match up with MCR.

We didn’t know we needed this matchup, but we got it anyway and it’s spectacular. You can check out the “Helena That Got Away” video here.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve received an epic emo-pop mashup. Most recently, MCR and Mariah Carey collided in a resurfaced “Welcome To The Christmas Parade” creation.

Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and MCR’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” combination is making its rounds on the internet again just in time for the holidays. While MCR also covered the Carey classic in 2004, this new mashup is offering some stiff competition.

We have to hand it to the creator, the track isn’t that bad, but the way they fit together so perfectly is kind of creepy.

The song starts slowly with bright orchestra bells and Carey singing the catchy first chorus before Gerard Way comes in singing “Will you be the savior of the broken?” Through its duration, the singers alternate between their respective parts, the backing track to the Christmas song keeping time. Check it out here.