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Matt Cutshall, the mastermind behind viral video’s “felt emo might delete,” is at it again, this time writing an emo parody to Cardi B’s track “Money.”

From shouting out bands such as Underoath and Hawthorne Heights to bragging about wearing his girlfriend’s jeans, Cutshall may have just created the scene anthem we all needed.

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Cutshall’s videos have been shared by people everywhere across social media platforms, reminding us that “emo’s not dead.”

Teaming up once again with his fiancé Arielle Vandenberg, Cutshall puts a new twist on his viral videos with an emo anthem parody set to a Cardi B track.

Produced by Dices, the song pays tribute to girlfriend jeans, black eyeliner, Brendon Urie, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Topic, Vans and so much more. Released in mid-October, Cutshall also shouts out My Chemical Romance by making reference to their disbandment. While that didn’t exactly age well at all, it still tugged at our emotional heartstrings. Check out the verse below.

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Hold up, I’m raising my glass, I’m giving a toast
Shout out to Underoath
Hawthorne Heights is my shit
Panic’s legit
Too bad that My Chem quit
When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city to see a marching band
When I saw Fall Out Boy
My brother bought me tickets, and we danced

It’s everything our emo little hearts could ever hope for. You can check out Cutshall’s latest video, “felt emo again might delete…” below.

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