Prepare yourselves — emoji license plates are now a thing, as if personalized license plates weren’t already goofy enough.

In Queensland, Australia, drivers will soon be able to customize their license plates with emojis, according to 7News Brisbane today.

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Next month, Personalised Plates Queensland will allow drivers to add one of five basic emojis to their plates. The emojis include crying laughing emoji, a winking face, the sunglasses emoji, a heart eyes face and a smiling face.

Unfortunately, there is no news of plans to add some of our favorite emojis such as the devil or the black heart, so we'll have to pass on this for now. 

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland spokesperson Rebecca Michael said the change will be no different from people adding their favorite sports team logo to their plates.

“For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favorite team or your favorite town with a symbol on your number plate,” Michael said. “And using an emoji is no different.”

The emojis are just a decorative aspect and not part of the number on the plate. They will be available starting March 1 for about $340.

Who knows if this idea will spread to other parts of the world, but let’s hope if it does, we at least get a few more options.

Would you add an emoji to your license plate? Sound off in the comments.

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