We all know women are unstoppable forces, but some artists have made that abundantly clear in how they approach their music videos. In celebration of International Women's Day, we bring you 13 times women were beyond badass.

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1. Sharptooth – “Clever Girl”

These Sharptooth lyrics alone are empowering, and the band definitely bring the sentiment to life in the video.

2. Halsey – “Strangers” featuring Lauren Jauregui

Halsey teams up and faces off with Lauren Jauregui in turn proving women are not ones to be messed with.

3. Against The Current – “Talk”

Against The Current capture what we all wish we could do when someone doesn’t stay true to their word.

4. PVRIS – “White Noise”

PVRIS might be paying homage to horror flick Poltergeist, but the message rings louder. Frontwoman Lynn Gunn is ghost-like throughout, singing about not being heard until the resolution in the end.

5. Paramore – “Rose-Colored Boy”

Paramore take us through the motions of keeping your game face on but eventually show how important it is to stay true to yourself and who you want to be.

6. Pale Waves – “Noises”

Pale Waves shift through various elaborate looks throughout the clip, proving you can’t let anyone else define you otherwise you won’t be comfortable in your own skin.

7. In This Moment – “Sex Metal Barbie”

If anyone knows how to command a room, it’s Maria Brink, and this In This Moment video is no exception as she sports Barbie pink across a metal-soaked vibe.