Enter ‘Inferno’ with Poppy’s graphic novel soundtrack ‘Music To Scream To’

Despite the fact that Poppy released I Disagree (More) back in January, fans are still anxiously waiting to hear new music from the vocalist.

Now, Poppy has treated fans to another new ambient album that she dropped on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

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Poppy’s new album Music To Scream To is a full-on ambient album that features six new tracks that are all appropriately titled “Scream.” The LP follows up her other ambient albums 3:36 (Music To Sleep To) and ICU (Music To Read To).

Poppy exclusively told Alternative Press in her cover story with Ghostemane (#387) that she is heavily experimenting with her music right now. Over the past few months, she has spent a lot of time playing guitar and trying out new creative outlets.

“I’ve started to spend a lot more time playing guitar, especially because of the lockdown,” she says. “I’ve spent a lot more time writing on my own. Just an acoustic guitar, trying to learn songs and write more songs. Also, I’ve been recording a lot more with analog synthesizers. That’s been a more recent venture.

But my friends have really crazy setups, and I hope to have something like that—that takes up an entire room in my house one day. But until then, I’ve got my setup that is getting pretty built up at this point. It’s about the size of a desk, but I think that’s a very heady thing that I’ve started to learn more about.”

Music To Scream To is the official soundtrack for her second graphic novel Poppy’s Inferno. The new book follows up Genesis 1 which was released in 2019.

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Poppy’s Inferno was originally slated to be released earlier this year. However, the book faced various delays most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the book is finally available for fans to enjoy.

According to Z2 Comics‘ website, Poppy’s Inferno shows a whole new side to the genre-bending artist. In the graphic novel, she faces various obstacles and challenges in order to regain her freedom and stay true to who she is.

“You might think you know Poppy, but what if you were only just scratching the surface? What if you could learn more about Poppy at the same time that she learns about herself? In between two worlds, both of which work to traumatize the unsuspecting into traumatizing others, Poppy finds herself in both literal and figurative Hellscapes. She must walk the thin line between doing what she must to gain her freedom and staying true to her own identity and beliefs.”
Poppy gave an exclusive look inside her new graphic novel on Tuesday.

Poppy’s Inferno is available to purchase through Z2 Comics here. As well, fans can order bundles of the comic and Music To Scream To through Sumerian Records here.

Along with the new graphic novel and soundtrack, Poppy is also working on a Christmas EP. She confirmed the exciting news earlier this month.

Stream Music To Scream To below.

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