[Photos by Orie McGinness]

Escape The Fate have rocked the alternative scene for over a decade now, and with five full-lengths under their belt, they aren’t about to slow down. From the band’s latest record, Hate Me, comes a new music video for “Breaking Me Down,” a heavy ballad that speaks to mental health and self-preservation. In this brief interview, vocalist Craig Mabbitt explains the important message of the video and shares that even with a long music career already behind them, ETF still have a lot left to do.   


Was this song written with a particular person or situation in mind?

Songs of this nature can always start off with someone specific in mind and end up being about numerous individuals and situations. Every member and listener ends up taking it to heart in their own way. I've seen fans say this track helped them get over an ex or it helped them through getting over a friend who kept doing them wrong, and I think all those different interpretations of the track is what makes it special.

What made you decide to turn this song into a music video?

The vision of the song was to have a video for it from the get go, so I'm happy we had the opportunity to do so. The video is not about someone's mother specifically, but we thought it would depict someone who's the closest to an individual (a parent and a child) and the child picking up all the slack and just can't hold his mother up anymore if she herself doesn't wanna fix it, which is what the song is essentially about—you can't help someone who refuses the help.

What can we expect from ETF in 2017?

New music, new tours, more shows, more fun! Come join us!

You've had a long career and your sound keeps evolving with each record. What would a next record sound like?

I have been blessed to be able to do what I love and continue to do it. As far as the sound for the next album, I can't really say. It's always evolving and we surprise ourselves sometimes once we are in a room writing together.

What do you think is left for you guys to do that you haven't done yet?

Everything! We never want to settle because we are always looking forward and up, and that's how you continue to achieve your goals. So we haven't done nearly enough yet.

What would you say to someone who is currently going through the types of things that you confront in your new video?

At some point you have to accept that you cannot please or help everyone. Eventually you need to just focus on yourself. You can extend a helping hand, but it just isn't fair to be dragged down to someone else's rock bottom. It's at that bottom that an individual can find the strength to get out of it on their own, and that's what we all need: the confidence and strength to love ourselves. alt