Euphoria is back with another season. With only one episode aired thus far, it's already a huge success.

Now, the Season 2 premiere of the HBO series drew 2.4 million viewers, according to Deadline.

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Those numbers make Euphoria's the strongest digital premiere performance of any episode on HBO Max since the streaming service launched in May 2020. So many people came to watch the episode, the app reportedly experienced crashes around 9 p.m.

Euphoria first arrived on television screens back in June 2019 on HBO GO and HBO Now. In 2020, Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett in the series, won an Emmy for best lead actress in a drama. The actress, now 25, became the youngest person ever to win the award.

In an interview with NBC's "TODAY," Zendaya spoke about what fans could expect from the season.

“It’s a very different season, to be honest,” Zendaya says. “I mean, tonally, it’s different. I think it’s far more emotional than the first season.... Much like the film stock that we use this season, which is also different, it’s high contrast, meaning the highs are high, the lows are low. And when it’s funny, it’s really funny. And when it’s painful, it’s really painful.”


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