Evanescence have partnered with Incendium and Sweet to debut their Echoes From The Void NFT collection. The line of digital collectibles was inspired by the band’s graphic anthology series Echoes From The Void and dropped on Sweet’s marketplace Sept. 29.

Echoes From The Void was published by Incendium as part of their OPUS line of books and sold out in its first printing. It was the debut issue in Evanescence's fantasy graphic anthology series. The collection features two stories based on the songs “Better Without You” and “Wasted On You,” both from the band’s 2021 album The Bitter Truth.

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The new collaboration features four NFTs available for purchase, including two collector's cards, a virtual souvenir coin and an auction for a one-of-a-kind 3D interactive sculpture.

The new project is the NFT debut for both Evanescence and Incendium and was inspired by issue #1 of Echoes From The Void. The pair have additional releases planned for the future and look to expand on the artwork and creations from upcoming installments of the five-issue graphic anthology series.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee characterizes the new collection as a way of expanding upon the world created in their story.

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“It’s been awesome to see the art and stories of Echoes From The Void evolve into the digital space,” Lee says. “The series is becoming a showcase, with so many talents adapting visions from songs in our discography. Diving into the world of digital collectibles lets us add a new dimension to the characters and storylines that we’ve loved creating. I can’t wait to see what more we can do as the rest of Echoes From The Void unfurls.”

Incendium CEO Llexi Leon also commented on the significance of the new release.

“Incendium has always been rooted in collectibles, be it comic books, figurines or pin badges,” Leon says. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Sweet to expand our offering in the digital space and to collaborate with our in-house 2D, 3D and animation talent to create new and exciting designs for digital collectibles. What better way to launch our NFT line than with Evanescence and Echoes From The Void, one of our most ambitious art and narrative projects that has spawned incredible imagery across comic books, art prints and more. For those that missed out on the physical first printing of issue #1, these digital collectibles will be a great way for fans to get in on the ground floor and collect the series art. We can’t wait to launch our first of many exclusive drops.”

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The two collector's cards featured in the series will highlight the main and variant cover artwork from issue #1, a product of Hugo Award-winning artist Abigail Larson and painter Kelly McKernan. The images are brought to life through a combination of 3D design and 2D animation. A virtual souvenir coin featuring an illustration of Lee is also available for purchase. Additionally, Sweet will host an auction of a single interactive 3D sculpture NFT of the winged Stone Princess from Echoes From The Void #1.

To learn more about the drop and access Sweet’s blockchain wallet in order to purchase the Evanescence Echoes From The Void NFTs, visit sweet.io.

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