Emerging alt-pop artist Evann McIntosh has released “COCO PEBBLES,” their latest single of 2021.

The funk-heavy single also comes alongside an enticing visual set in a small-town eatery.

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The video for the track begins with the artist walking in and taking a seat in the spot. After the waiter brings them a bowl of cereal, they then take to the stage as a groovy bassline sets the tone for the song. Palm-muted guitar parts and perfectly placed synths combine with McIntosh’s spoken-word lyrics to create a unique brand of indie funk as the singer blows the crowd away.


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Speaking of the track, the 17-year-old Kansas singer says the exceptionally smooth song took inspiration from Prince, despite their sonic differences.

“‘COCO PEBBLES’ is a track that was inspired by the first time I’d heard ‘Irresistible Bitch’ by Prince,” McIntosh says in a press release. “It sounds nothing like it, but I’d really wanted to make a funky track like that, and this is what came to be.”

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The new single will be featured on their forthcoming record, Character Development, due Aug. 27. Coming from New York independent label Mom+Pop (Sunflower Bean, Sleater-Kinney), the new album explores themes of gender identity, self-expression and personal development.

“This record is all about growth and change,” McIntosh says. “I’m always evolving, and this project is the sound of that transformation, of one version of myself giving way to the next.”

A majority of Character Development was recorded in the singer’s bedroom in Kansas. Their previous album, MOJO, was also recorded at home. In a previous interview with Alternative Press, the artist said recording MOJO was the point when they realized they’d be making music for the long run.

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“I was coming home every single day and having to wait for everybody to go to bed to get on the computer so I could make my stuff,” the artist says. “I did that for three months. Every single night, I’d come home from school and wait for everybody to go to bed so it would be quiet enough that I could record stuff in the family room. And I think then I knew that it was like a job because it felt like a job, but it was one that I wanted to do all the time.”

The artist also said they use songwriting as a therapeutic tool, employing it to capture their feelings at the time of recording.

“When I write this music, it’s exactly how I feel at that point in time,” McIntosh says. “It’s therapeutic for me to get it out of my system. So I never make music with the intention of somebody listening to it and getting something out of it. I just know that people tend to relate to whatever I’m writing. I just hope they can relate to it and they get some sort of shared therapy out of it because I get to [use it as an] outlet.”

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To celebrate the release of Character Development, the breakthrough artist has also scheduled a tour featuring performances in eight locations. Dates for the tour can be found below, and tickets can be purchased through the artist’s website

What do you think of McIntosh’s new track “COCO PEBBLES”? Watch the video for the neo-soul track, read the lyrics and see tracklisting for the new album below. After that, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Character Development tour dates:

10/23 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St. Entry
10/24 – Chicago, IL @ Schuba
10/27 – Boston, MA @ Sonia
10/28 – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
10/29 – New York, NY @ Baby’s All Right
10/31 – San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands
11/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
11/05 – Wichita, KS @ The Donut Whole

Character Development tracklist:

1. "NTRO"
6. "KING HENRY V!!!"

“COCO PEBBLES” lyrics:

Well she’s like
Lemonade, yeah
A little sweet
A little bitter yeah
How it wraps around her figure like, like
Like silk
She’s my second cup of coco pebbles every morning
Pour over me like
Like milk
And it just don’t make sense
And it just don’t quit, no
Well she’s likeGod
She could be praised
Or she could be feared
How I’m wrapped around her finger like, like
Even when she’s insincere
Even when she’s insincere
She’s my second cup of coco pebbles every morning
Pour over me like
Like milk

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And it just don’t make sense
And it just don’t quit
You know what I think?
(No, what do you think?)
I think I wanna dance
When the initial charm fades babe
And you’re just one crazy act
If you’d consider me sane,
We could say
Opposites attract
But the way you make me feel
I really don’t mind you being reckless
Some call you a meal
But honey, I just call you breakfast
She’s my second cup of coco pebbles every morning
Pour over me like
Like milk
And it just don’t make sense
And it just and it just and just and it just and it just won’t quit
It won’t quit