Invisible Stars

Many late-’90s alt-rock bands have enjoyed a second renaissance of sorts in recent years. Some bands took a hiatus and returned to their nostalgia-hungry fans a decade later; others weathered the storm. Everclear’s career continued for years following their alternative radio and 120 Minutes salad days, persevering through lineup changes and lukewarm album critiques. Invisible Stars is almost a return to form for Art Alexakis, lead singer and songwriter, and fits in the same vein as So Much For The Afterglow and the Songs From An American Movie series. The lyrics in “Be Careful What You Ask For” tackle the familiar themes of financial woes and the related stress on relationships, but the signature melodic guitars and vocal harmonies make this an optimistic pop song. Hard-hitting rock ’n’ roll has always been Everclear’s specialty, and “Aces” and “The Golden Rule” fit the bill—short, loud, abrasive music that will get fans excited when translated into the live show. Although not every track on Invisible Stars is notable, Alexakis hit his stride again. This music has aged well, and nearly transcends nostalgia.

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“Be Careful What You Ask For”