If you ever wanted to know what Every Time I Die songs sound like as jazz renditions (you probably didn’t), we got you covered. No pun intended.

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In a story from Theprp, drummer Corey Coverstone and his band played jazz renditions of two Every Time I Die favorites. The group covered “Roman Holiday” and “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space.” 

The band covered the songs at Blue Whale, a jazz bar in Los Angeles.

Every Time I Die’s guitarist Andy Williams even had some positive things to say about the jazz version of “Roman Holiday.”

“This is the absolute coolest cover of an ETID song I’ve seen yet,” Williams says. “I’m freaking out!!!”

After Coverstone exchanged a few kind words with Williams on Instagram, the ETID drummer expressed his interest in checking out the jazz band live and in-person.

Do you guys do this often at that place??? My gf lives in LA,” Williams says. “I wanna come see this sometime!

You can listen to full versions of “Roman Holiday” and “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” below.

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