Evol Walks may channel the heart and soul of the blues with their track “The Fire,” but they’re red hot in the music video, teaming up with AP to share the new visuals.

The third track off their second EP, Our Time Is Now, the band are looking to release a video for every song from the record before hopefully heading out on tour later this year.

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When preparing visuals, frontwoman Leah Martin-Brown looked to do more with less to match the vibe of the track.

“‘The Fire’ is such a blues-based song that I wanted to keep the video nice and simple,” she says. “Working with my director, Angelo, we really got some beautiful visuals of Los Angeles in flames and stripped it back to just a group of musicians busting out the song.”

Enlisting the help of a fire-wielding colleague, the band were straightforward with their visuals for “The Fire.”

“My friend, Rex, is a fire performer. After seeing what he could do, I really wanted to incorporate his talent and have him feature as the literal representation of ‘The Fire,’” Martin-Brown says. “We got an amazing makeup artist, Donna DeLia, to do his face to make it a little darker and more of that demon vibe we were going for.”

The band have been known to cover classic rock and blues during their live sets. But these influences are clearly antagonized through the lyrics in their latest EP.

“When coming up with the lyrics, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and write from the perspective of the ‘evil’ woman described in a lot of the classics,” Martin-Brown says.

Martin-Brown sympathizes with the women “who will happily play with your emotions and watch you suffer” portrayed in classic-rock tracks.

“‘The Fire’ is meant to be a modern response to tracks such as ‘Soul Stripper’ by AC/DC, ‘Sorrow’ [by David Bowie or] ‘Devil Woman’ [by Cliff Richard],” she explains. “I really wanted to write something from that perspective, kind of owning the character and showing that maybe it isn't such a terrible thing to be a bad girl. Of course, tongue in cheek.”

Check out the new music video for “The Fire” below.

Between filming music videos, the band plan to showcase live sets in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other nearby cities. Tour updates can be found here.

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