If one thing is certain, it's that watching the hit game show Jeopardy! brings a special kind of joy to our hearts, especially when they ask questions about music and the answers to those questions are just really bad guesses.

While we do love a good music question, this past week proved that we love seeing a musician act as a contestant on the show even more.

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That's right, it was revealed that a musician has been competing on the long-running TV show, but that's not all, she's currently the most recent champion!

Jackie Fuchs, who you may know by her previous stage name Jackie Fox, was the bassist for the group the Runaways from 1975 to 1977, which was a fact that was recently revealed by Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.

According to a new report from Pitchfork, the former bassist turned attorney slash writer and now game show contestant (!) didn't want to reveal her actual identity, unless, of course, she made it into the show's third round.

"I told the producers that I wouldn’t talk about it unless I made it to day three, because I don’t want that to be just who I am, you know? I think there’s more to me, and I wanted people to get to know my more fun, quirky side," Fuchs told the source. "But I had to talk about it because we have some really great fans and I thought it would be nice to acknowledge them in that way."

Luckily for us, she did indeed make it to her third round, which meant that Trebek could shed some light to the audience on her rockstar past.

Watch the reveal below:

Fuchs made her very first appearance on the show last week, on Dec. 14, and she killed it with a four-night game streak under her belt until ultimately ending that game streak on Dec. 20.

This isn't the first time Fuchs has been involved with game shows, in fact, the only reason she was even on Jeopardy! was to get some "redemption" from all of those other appearances.

As it's worth noting, Fuchs has also been on the Chase and then Who Wants to be a Millionaire? But, as she explains, neither of those experiences have been quite as successful for her as this current one.

Pitchfork also points out that this is the first time she has been in the forefront of any headlines since 2015, after she claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Kim Fowley, the Runaway's former producer when she was just 16.

During the interview, she explained that "once you can talk about that on camera, an audience isn’t going to faze you. It’s kind of like that’s the worst thing that can happen to you, so you know, losing a game show is not fun, but it just pales in comparison."

What did you think of Fuchs' run on the popular game show? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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