Alternative Press has exclusively learned that Skank For Brains!, the 1995 split CD between the Suicide Machines [pictured] and the Rudiments, will finally see a vinyl release, more than 15 years after its initial release. The 20-song double LP is being co-released by Asbestos Records and Underground Communique Records, and should be available this July.

"It’s still a pretty legendary release if you ask us," said Asbestos owner Matt Flood and UC head Justin Schwier in a joint statement. "The Rudiments were light years ahead of anyone else musically and hadn’t even yet reached their fullest potential; and the Suicide Machines were on the cusp of reaching their breakthrough moment leading to their now legendary status as well."

The release has been mastered specifically for vinyl and will have slightly revised cover art, as well. The tracklisting can be found below.

LP1: Rudiments

  1. Wailing Paddle                  
  2. Monkey Grinder                                    
  3. Treadmill                                    
  4. Sunday Morning Suspect                  
  5. Spoon                                    
  6. Plank                                    
  7. Lucky Charms                                    
  8. Scapegoat                                    
  9. What's Cookin'                                    
  10. Mamacita


LP2: the Suicide Machines

  1. Hey Ska                                    
  2. New Girl                                    
  3. The Real You                  
  4. I Don't Wanna Hear It                  
  5. Too Much                                    
  6. The Van Song                                    
  7. Green World                                    
  8. Inside/Outside                                    
  9. Little Home                                    
  10. Bonkers