Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson join forces as the Uncluded to teach you, with this handy video guide illustrated by comic artist Travis Millard, how to catch a frog. Stay tuned to the end for the very their top secret tip to keep said frog always.

The Uncluded are set to release their full-length album, Hokey Fright,  on May 7. 

"I grew up just a few blocks from a cool spot called Beaver Dam Nature Reservation," Dawson says. "I spent a lot of time there as a kid (and teen...and young adult...) wading in the creek and creeping around in the woods. I have always loved a good critter hunt and was psyched to learn that Aesop does too.

"We have been known to bust out the headlamps after a show (or any other time) and go out in search of swamps or streams to explore. That is how we party. Quietly and in nature. Since we both have so much experience in the field we decided to share some tips with you all."

Aesop adds, "Since I was a child in Long Island I have had a fascination with catching (and releasing) your average backyard frog. With Kimya's mutual admiration for amphibious life, we decided to work some frog-hunting imagery into the [Hokey Fright] artwork. 

Travis is an old pro at zine-making, and was able to capture the essence of the physical and psychological roller coaster that is frog-catching.  All parties leave changed."