On Episode 6 of Artist Friendly, Filipino singer-songwriter Eyedress joined host Joel Madden to discuss the genre-fluid indie rocker’s migration back and forth from the Philippines to the U.S. during his youth, culture shock, and how family plays a significant role in his life and art. Today, you can check out the new episode wherever you stream music and listen to podcasts, and on YouTube, as well. 

Between his 2022 album FULL TIME LOVER and the lo-fi punk mixtape COMMITTING CRIMES, which dropped earlier this year, Eyedress has proven to be quite the prolific songwriter and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, now that he's signed to RCA records, which he announced earlier month with the release of his single “Flowers & Chocolate,” it appears that he is only just getting started. Below, find five takeaways from the Artist Friendly interview, as Eyedress unpacks how his life being uprooted led him to feel lost and displaced at times, but, ultimately, all the more hardworking, to get to where he is today with his songs raking in millions of streams. 

Family comes first for Eyedress

While Eyedress may be a certified indie rockstar now, on the podcast he says that he's always seen his main role as being a loving husband and father more than anything else. In fact, the artist has always made it a point to highlight his family across everything that he puts into the world, whether that’s posing with his wife and son in photo shoots or music videos, or collaborating with them on songs. In conversation with Madden, Eyedress notes having a strong family unit has been the key factor in keeping him grounded, and candidly admits that he was not always the “perfect person.” For Eyedress, staying home with his loved ones is crucial, as he craves quiet time far more than the party scene of L.A. where he currently resides. However, he wants one thing to be known: No family is ever perfect and happy all of the time, stressing that it always requires hard work and accountability. 

Eyedress is not concerned with trends

In conversation with Madden, Eyedress admits that while his music is considered “trendy,” he's never been caught up in chasing whatever the flavor of the week is in the music industry. Instead, the artist “makes what he likes” and simply wants to pay homage to the music and artists that he is fascinated by, “soaking every influence up like a sponge.” 

So, what’s exciting him the most right now? Whatever the future has in store, saying, he's always “looking forward to the next project,” even before wrapping up whatever he is currently working on, knowing that there is still so much sonic and creative ground he has yet to cover. 

Eyedress’ past shaped him in every way

Born in the Philippines, Eyedress moved to the U.S. at a young age, and as a result, had to grow up very fast in order to adapt. On the podcast, he reflects on having to learn English at a rapid rate and how growing up in his Arizona neighborhood where there was a great deal of gang activity led him to fear being deported, if he were to ever get in trouble. That being said, Eyedress took his upbringing as a motivator to stay on the right path and focus on working hard in order to follow his aspirations.

At 16 — by the time Eyedress felt as if he was actually starting to thrive as a musician and performer in his local scene — he and his family unexpectedly moved back to Manila, which he admits was a dark time for a number of reasons. Upon returning to the Philippines, Eyedress revealed that it was a bit of a “culture shock,” feeling like he no longer fit in, and not long after, moving back to the U.S. became his biggest goal in order to follow his dreams of being a successful musician. (Clearly, he has already more than exceeded that goal.) 

The outdoors are therapy

Eyedress, like anyone else, struggles with anxious or self-critical thoughts from time to time, but has found that getting outside and doing something active can make all the difference in improving his mental health. Living in L.A., Eyedress reveals, has made him a bit of an outdoor enthusiast and is the perfect environment for him to hop on his skateboard, hit the beach, and, if he’s so inclined, head to the mountains to see the snow. 

Eyedress’ dad always saw his potential

Following a return to Manila in his teens, Eyedress says he felt a bit discouraged and excluded from the music scenes he wanted to be a part of. During this time, Eyedress’ father was an instrumental voice in inspiring him to believe in his own talent. It was then that he dove head-first into songwriting, and now recognizes that this was one of the best decisions he ever made. Now with sold-out shows across the country and beyond, as well as millions of streams and followers, Eyedress is eternally grateful for every opportunity and what he has been able to accomplish so far. His father still remains his biggest cheerleader, going as far as changing his profile picture online to the RCA Records logo in honor of his son’s recent signing to the legendary major label.