Eyedress has released a new single and music video, "HOUSE OF CARDS." The visual was directed by David Killingsworth and takes inspiration from classic horror games.

In the video, a low-poly Eyedress makes his way through a mysterious manor complete with secret passages, poltergeists and terrible creatures waiting to be discovered. The adventure is soundtracked by his eerie vocals and bright, dissonant synths.

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In April, Eyedress made his Coachella debut and ended the performance with a classic guitar smash. He also released "SMOKE & MIRRORS," featuring Na-Kel Smith, BoofPaxkMooky and Cashcache.

We sat down with Eyedress for issue #396, where the artist spoke about his unique music videos.

"I just want to make shit ’cause sometimes reality just looks cool. It’s easier on a VHS cam. It’s just gonna look cool. Just the little effort that goes behind it is all it takes, and you can have infinite shit. I bought a Sonic Youth DVD in the Philippines, and it had all of their videos in it. I thought, 'Damn, I want to make one of these one day.' You can compile all this shit one day, interviews, every fucking thing and then just sell it as one big DVD. 'Buy my life,' but you have to have a lot of cool shit on it so people are like, 'OK, this is actually tight.' That’s why I have a lot of vids. I just want to make shit. I just get so bored."

Check out the video below.