Eyedress dropped a new remix of his popular song “Jealous,” touched up by frequent collaborator King Krule. Titled “Jealous (King Krule Nothing Special Remix),” the track is accompanied by a trippy video directed by Eyedress.

Earlier this week, Eyedress—aka Idris Vicuña— teased the track on his social media. The artist took to Twitter to express his excitement Wednesday, also revealing a brief glimpse of the video’s retro visuals. Now, the video is here, available via YouTube.

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Vicuña and King Krule, the stage name of Archy Marshall, have collaborated a number of times before. Krule was featured on Eyedress’ 2015 song “Return Of The Wicca Mane” (under the name Edgar The Breathtaker). Vicuña returned the favor, guesting on “The Cadet Leaps” for Krule’s 2017 album The OOZ.

In their latest collab, King Krule revamps Eyedress’s popular song “Jealous,” which dropped as a single in 2019. The new remix swaps out the skate punk vibes, opting for a dreamier, ambient sound. The feel of the new track is darker, bringing out the pain and hostility implied by the song’s lyrics.

The song is accompanied by a wild retro video, directed by Vicuña and animated by Josh Parsons. Parsons has provided visuals for a number of other music videos including Miles French’s “Corn Rows” and Jackson Lundy’s “Calypso.” The animator also previously collaborated with Vicuña, working on “Can I See You Tonight?” and “Skateboarding Day.”

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The animation for the “Jealous” remix is surreal, supplying a retro video game vibe. In the video, Vicuña and Krule set off on a ’90s Nintendo-style skateboard race through a bizarre Minecraft universe. 

You can watch the video for “Jealous (Nothing Special Remix)” below.

More on Eyedress

Eyedress first made a name for himself as a producer, self-releasing music online. The artist released a string of tracks and mixtapes, including the 2014 mixtape Hearing Colors.

Vicuña made his full-length debut in 2015 with Shapeshifter featuring songs such as “Trust The Process.” Featuring rhxanders and Vicuña’s partner Jasmine, who also records as Elvia, the track showcases Eyedress’ early lo-fi hip-hop aesthetic.

The artist shifted directions for a number of his follow-up records, particularly the 2017 album Manila Ice and the 2018 release Sensitive G. These records showcased Vicuña’s savvy as a rock artist, inflecting his sound with a dreamy, retro vibe. They also marked his first collaborations with Lex Records.

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The “Jealous” remix sees Eyedress return after a productive 2020. Last year, the artist put out his fourth full-length record Let's Skip To The Wedding through Lex Records. He also released the EP Don't Dial 911, a collaboration with N8NOFACE put out through Vicuña’s own label/brand Paranoia.

Vicuña has also been involved with a number of other projects. The artist plays in a band called the Simps, releasing an original track “On Fye” in December. He also put out a collab “Cotton Candy Skies” with Elvia earlier this year. The couple also dropped a hazy video featuring the pair and their daughter, adorably clad in a Misfits T-shirt.

Eyedress was featured in Alternative Press’ 2021 issue of 100 Artists You Need To Know. In an exclusive interview with Alternative Press, Vicuña explained why his approach to music is so broad.

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“I’m an all-around artist,” Vicuña notes. “I don’t necessarily make one genre of music, but I guess most of my popular songs are on the indie-rock, post-punk side of things. But I also do SoundCloud rap stuff and produce hip-hop music for my friends. I’m not just a singer-songwriter. Sometimes I know when to step back and just make the music. I’m like a DIY artist. Most of my videos, if I’m not directing, I’m really involved. I also add my two cents into everything, even with merch and clothes I design.”

During the interview, Vicuña also explained the retro sensibilities that shape his visual aesthetic.

“Most of the time my approach is lo-fi, so I have a lot of VHS videos,” Vicuña says. “There’s something about nostalgia that really draws my aesthetic. I’m really into old films even, and I feel like movies directed by Stanley Kubrick would resonate with the kinds of sounds I’m trying to make. Take The Shining, a really beautiful horror film, but it was shot in a really surreal, beautiful hotel up on the mountains. I try to make my music dreamy and surreal.” 

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Vicuña’s collaborator King Krule is also no stranger to animation. Last year, the artist dropped a psychedelic video for his track “Cellular.” He also put out a horror-tinged video for “Comet Face,” showcasing the lo-fi aesthetic that makes him a perfect collaborator for Eyedress. Both tracks are from the 2020 album Man Alive!, available via True Panther Sounds/Matador Records.

What do you think of Eyedress’ “Jealous (Nothing Special Remix)” by King Krule? How does it stack up against the original? Let us know in the comments below.