Eyedress makes lo-fi music that resonates, and today he’s back with a new single called “The Dark Prince” that features Mac DeMarco.

The upbeat, carefree love song proves that the pair are kindred spirits, blending their distinctive styles overtop woozy production. They wear the influences of ’70s rock and guitar-forward bedroom pop proudly. The release follows a string of singles from Eyedress, including “Teen Mom,” “Escape From The Killer,” and “Flowers & Chocolate,” as well as his COMMITTING CRIMES mixtape.

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The accompanying music video enters a hypnagogic state. Eyedress and DeMarco jam out in front of a lavish castle — complete with a 12-foot skeleton on the lawn, of course — while donning lizard masks. Other times, Eyedress lounges inside, sporting a Cannibal Holocaust tee.

The track is the first of two singles from Eyedress and DeMarco, with the second arriving this fall, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the video for “The Dark Prince” below.