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Eyedress announces ‘Mulholland Drive’ with "Prada" & "Brain Dead"—watch

Eyedress has announced his fourth studio album, Mulholland Drive, will arrive Aug. 27 from Lex Records. The news comes with a glimpse of what’s to come in the form of two new singles, “Prada” (feat. Triathalon) and “Brain Dead.”

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Eyedress has once again shown that his confidence level is out of this world. He’s consistently unafraid to take risks in his art—and it always pays off. Like his last double single, “Something About You” and “Spit on Your Grave,” these new releases showcase the depth of Eyedress’ musicianship.  

“Prada” and “Brain Dead” live in alternate universes. On the one hand, “Prada” is mellow and seductive—but in a completely unassuming way. The track is accompanied by a retro-inspired, lo-fi music video. His partner, Elvia, and their son Boaty make multiple appearances, taking all of the potential pompousness of the lyricism and turning it into something sweet. You can watch the video below.

“Brain Dead,” on the other hand, is fiercely antagonistic. Where “Prada” is laid-back and dreamy, “Brain Dead” is brutal and aggressive. It’s full of distorted, grungy beats and disgruntled lyrics that scream phrases such as, “You’ve got a brain, but that thing is not on.” 

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Mulholland Drive comes after the highly successful Let’s Skip To The Wedding. The new project features a long list of collaborators, including DâM-FunK, Stones Throw producer Vex Ruffin, BEE EYES, Dent May, Paul Cherry, Satchy, Elvia and King Krule.

In a press release, Eyedress described the significance of working with such a wide range of artists.

“It’s been fun to get to work with artists I’ve always wanted to work with,” Eyedress says. “My goals have come full circle.”

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The overall themes of the album are positive, but just as Eyedress is unafraid to mix genres, he is also unafraid to talk about the harsh realities of life. 

Even so, Eyedress shared the message he wanted to articulate through his music. 

“This album is about loving yourself and your life,” Eyedress says. “At this point in my life, all the people who support me have made my life better than I can imagine. I’m literally eating off this, and I want to give back because there’s so much love.”

In an exclusive quote for Alternative Press, Eyedress dove even deeper into the themes at play on the record. He also delivered a message to his fans as well as his collaborators.

“I can’t wait for you all to hear my new album Mulholland Drive,” Eyedress says to AltPress. “I tried to put something in there for everyone. Big thanks to everyone [who] helped me make this album in such a short amount of time and love to all the featured artists that decided to be a part of this album. It’s definitely going to be special having worked with people I really respect and look up to. The album has 15 songs and is not bound by one genre, as usual. I had to stick to code and give the fans that variety.”

Eyedress performance dates: 

Eyedress will play shows in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Detroit to celebrate the release of Mulholland Drive. Although the Los Angeles date has sold out, you can still buy tickets to the Brooklyn and Detroit shows here.

In addition, Eyedress will be performing at Riot Fest Sept. 17 alongside Meet Me @ The Altar, Smashing Pumpkins, Kississippi and more. 

8/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Rooftop
8/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
9/17 – Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
9/18 – Detroit, MI @ El Club

Mulholland Drive tracklisting:

1. “Mulholland Drive”
2. “Midnight On A Sunny Day” (feat. BEE EYES)
3. “Something About You” (feat. Dent May)
4. “Long Nights At The 711”
5. “Fulfill The Dream” (prod. Vex Ruffin)
6. “Spit On Your Grave”
7. “Brain Dead”
8. “Dancing With My Demons” (feat. Paul Cherry)
9. “Body Dysmorphia”
10. “Want You There Tomorrow”
11. “Chad An Gordy” (feat. King Krule)
12. “Ride Or Die” (feat. Satchy)
13. “Keep It Real With You” (feat. Elvia and DāM-FunK)
14. “You Know Me”
15. “Prada” (feat. Triathalon)