Facebook is launching chat rooms for Groups. But don't worry, you won't get thousands of new notifications a day—unless you want to.

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Starting today, the company is giving Facebook Group members the ability to launch chat groups with up to 250 members. The Groups and Messenger combination will also offer audio and video calls with up to 50 people.

If even the possibility of being notified of new messages from 250 people, don't worry. Facebook won't automatically add anyone to the chat rooms, or spam you with new messages.

First, group members will get a notification of new group chats, which they can choose to join or not. If you do, you can still turn off some notifications and choose to get only some messages, such as when you're mentioned.

Plus, group admins can shut down or limit the creation of chats to avoid spam.

If you're not sure about the new feature, you can opt out now and join later. To do it, you can look for the "Chat" tab on Facebook Groups and browse the active threads to join.

Facebook has been testing a number of features lately. The company recently announced it was looking into allowing users to send messages via voice. The Messenger extension also has plans for the feature to allow users’ voices to trigger voice calls and set reminders.

Plus, in June, it unveiled Keyword Snooze, which allows users to block unwanted spoilers. The feature gives people the choice to temporarily hide certain posts containing any keywords or phrases that they don’t want to see.

Located in the upper right-hand menu on your News Feed, it hides any posts with those keywords. With the “snooze” feature, it means that users won’t have to see that specific word or phrase from anyone on their friends list, group, and page for a 30-day period.