Facebook is reportedly working on a new app for Instagram that would utilize a private messaging function like Snapchat

This is far from the first time Facebook has taken inspiration from Snapchat, considering the app replicated the Stories feature for Facebook and Instagram. 

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The new app called Threads would mirror some of Instagram’s messaging features, but it will be separate from the app. The idea is to give users a destinated space to communicate with their close contacts instead of their entire friends' list. 

On the app, users can send private messages to friends and update their status. It could also potentially implement location technology similarly to Snapchat’s Maps features. 

Facebook has previously attempted to create a separate Instagram app from private messaging, but they abandoned it because users conveyed they did not like the idea of switching back and forth between apps. 

It’s unclear when Threads would be available for users. 

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Facebook has decided to change the names of Instagramand WhatsApp to let people know who is in charge of two of the most popular apps. 

Facebook is the parent company of both apps, and the name change is to reflect that. 

However, they won’t be changed completely. The name changes aren’t live yet, but they will be “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”. 

The new names won’t actually signify any changes in the functions of Instagram and WhatsApp, and are purely cosmetic. However, it will be reflected in the App stores. 

“We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” a spokesperson said about the change.

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