Fairy Bones are so over “nice guys,” and they’re partnering with AP to broadcast it to the world loud and clear. The Phoenix-based pop-punk foursome—vocalist/guitarist Chelsey Louise, drummer Matthew Foos, guitarist Robert Ciuca and bassist Ben Foos—are following up their 2018 sophomore release, 0% Fun, with a fresh single.

“bullshit, ur a nice guy” is the anthem for the receiving end of unsolicited dick pics. Fairy Bones have probably received one too many of those messages, and you can definitely tell as Louise runs through a tongue-in-cheek delivery of everything we wish we could text back.

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Louise captures peak sarcasm with, “Oh great! Here comes the pic/Of your gross and veiny tiny dick/I don’t know why/You think my eyes/Wanna see that shit/Can’t you take a hint?”

Expanding on the title, the vocalist expresses exactly what a “nice guy” means in regards to the track.

“I define a ‘nice guy’ as a manipulative dude who expects sex as a reward for displaying basic human decency,” Louise says. “Some guys feel like they can just insert friendship coins into you and that somehow you have to dispense sex. Listen, I don’t hate dicks, but there’s a fucking time and place to see it, and my messages is not it. Also, they basically all look the same. Chill.”

Fairy Bones returned to work with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording whose credits includes acts such as the Technicolors, UPSAHL and more.

Check out “bullshit, ur a nice guy” below and presave it here for when it drops Friday.

Fairy Bones plan to release singles and accompanying music videos every other month this year. You can catch a show and keep up with them here.

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