Now that Hot Girl Summer is over, it’s finally Emo Kid Fall, which means it’s time to put your combat boots on and blast some American Football because the best time of the year is back. 

Fall is our favorite season for many reasons including Halloween, cooler weather and the overall moody vibe. 

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We’ve created the perfect fall bucket list for any emo kid to complete before winter finally arrives. Hopefully, it will remind you to enjoy the season in the best way we know how—in a dark and sometimes spooky way.

1. Make a moody playlist

There’s something about fall that makes it the perfect time to listen to moody emo music. It might be the cool weather or the ominous feeling of change that comes around this time of the year. Regardless, it means you need to make a perfect playlist to blast 24/7 that includes empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), Death Cab For Cutie, Phoebe Bridgers and many more.

2. Play with a Ouija board

Halloween is approaching, and while activities such as pumpkin picking and corn mazes are fun, we prefer to summon spirits once October rolls around. Grab some friends and make a night of it, and don’t forget to set the mood with candles, incense and a creepy space.

3. Update your wardrobe with more black clothes

The weather is finally getting cooler, which means you can actually get back to your regular layered looks. Fall is also the perfect time to treat yourself. Buy that new leather jacket you’ve been eyeing or get a cute new dress to show off at school. No matter what your style is, fall is the perfect time to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, especially those with a darker aesthetic.

4. Experiment with makeup

Again, now that it’s cooler, makeup lovers can go outside without worrying about sweating off their eyeliner. It’s now the perfect time to experiment with some new makeup, such as a black lipstick or a super-intense eyeshadow look, because it will actually stay on your face. Plus, many makeup brands put out fall-themed products filled with dark colors, so use those for inspiration to mix up your go-to face.

5. Binge-watch all of your favorite horror movies

Nothing screams fall more than cuddling up on the couch and binge-watching horror movies. Whether you prefer newer movies such as Hereditary and Get Out or the classics such as Halloween or Friday The 13th, you deserve to stay in on a weekend night in your pajamas and enjoy a good scare.

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6. Carve a scene-themed pumpkin

While jack-o'-lanterns are a fall classic, we prefer to get creative with our carvings besides a simple face. Try something new by carving your favorite band’s logo or a punk-rock symbol such as the sign of the horn hands to impress your neighbors this year.

7. Visit something haunted

Whether you hit up an actual haunted location such as a cemetery or a fake haunted house, getting scared is one of the best parts of fall. Do some research to see if there are any haunted locations in your area that are open to the public so you won’t get in trouble for trespassing. If not, grab some friends and hit up the haunted forest for a night of screams that you’ll laugh about later.

8. Change up your hair

The leaves on the trees are changing and so should your hair. Either go with a new permanent dye job or experiment with something temporary such as Poser Paste from Hayley Williams’ hair brand Good Dye Young to mix up your look. Popular fall choices include red and purple hair, but the possibilities are endless.

9. Make spooky crafts

A fall craft doesn’t have to be something cheesy you just throw away. You should browse Pinterest for some ideas on DIY clothes, accessories, home decor and more that are fall-themed. Make yourself some spooky bat earrings or turn your windowsill into a total spooky shrine.

10. Enjoy the cool weather

Seriously, it’s actually cool enough to go outside, so you should actually enjoy it. Summer is miserable—it’s sweaty, you can’t wear what you want and the neon and pastel colors that are everywhere start to get old. Go outside and feel the leaves crunch under your feet and just relish in the cool breeze before it gets too cold. Come January, you’ll wish you did.

What’s on your fall bucket list? Sound off in the comments below!